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Values / FAQs

AIM’s Guiding Philosophies

  • Each girl at ARC receives the absolute best. She will get the best healthcare, education and opportunities available. Her worth will never be second-guessed. From her Princess Ceremony to her reintegration, she will receive the best.
  • The identity of a rescued girl is confidential. We do not use real names or show faces. This is for her protection.
  • Christ is the center. The Church is His answer to transforming communities.
  • Sex trafficking is a complex, difficult problem. The solution is not simple or easy. We are committed to fighting on the ground and innovating on the battlefield. Our ministries will change and grow because we are not committed to a ministry, we are committed to a victory.


How much of AIM’s revenue goes toward projects?

How can I help?

Can I go on a missions trip?

Do you force religion on rescued girls?

Do you conduct raids on brothels?

Can I speak to your counselors?

Wait, what do you do?

Can someone speak at my church or organization?



Q: How much of AIM’s revenue goes toward projects?

A:83.4% of our total revenue goes directly to programs on the ground. 9.2% goes to US Prevention and Development. 7.4% goes toward general/admin.


Q: How can I help?

A: How you help is really up to you!

First, ask yourself what time, talent, and resources you want to give to the war on child sex trafficking. Next, look at our available opportunities on our GET INVOLVED page HERE. Finally, if you want to contribute something outside of the opportunities you find there, CONTACT US with your plan HERE (though note the Mission Trip FAQ below).

Please stay flexible and patient as we work with you. Above all, stay tenacious and never give up. The war is real and you are an important part of the battle.


Q: Can I go on a missions trip?

A: AIM does not organize mission trips. This is mostly because we work with the Cambodian Church and focus all our efforts on our programs versus event organization. However, we allow a few teams to work with us every year. If you have questions please CONTACT US HERE.


Q: Do you force religion on rescued girls?

A: As a Christian organization, we believe Jesus offers freedom. It goes against everything we believe to force anyone, especially a rescued and hurting child, to adhere to any religious system. However, our programs teach about the Jesus who loves us, saves us, heals us and changes us. Because of this, many girls choose a relationship with Jesus and the freedom He offers.


Q: Do you conduct raids on brothels?

A: We do what it takes. However, we mostly collaborate with law enforcement and other professional organizations who specialize in undercover operations.


Q: Can I speak to your counselors?

A: Our counseling staff is native to the country they work in. ARC, Phnom Pehn, is staffed by professional, hard-working, incredibly caring Cambodian’s who are working hands-on with the girls. If you have specific questions about our counseling program, please contact us HERE.


Q: Wait, what do you do?

A: A lot! That’s probably why you’re confused.

Defeating a complex, decentralized problem like child sex trafficking takes a complex strategy. Our programs PREVENT, RESCUE, RESTORE and EQUIP others to do the same. Find out about our programs and how they work together on our WHAT WE DO page HERE.


Q: Can someone speak at my church or organization?

A: Yes! AIM loves to educate people on the problem of sex trafficking and our working solutions. We also love sharing stories of changed lives and footage of our programs. We are based near Sacramento, California, but plan special events all over the US. Contact us HERE for more details and view our Speaking Terms on our RESOURCES page HERE.