AIM Celebrates Father’s Day

AIM Celebrates Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, we invite you to give in honor of your dad, or start a campaign to invite others to give too!


Fathers aren’t perfect, but God’s design is for fathers to show love, strength, and compassion to their children and families. Many of us are blessed to have had fathers who did just that; they gave selflessly, they loved us, they protected us, they made us laugh, and they comforted us when we cried.

This Father’s Day, we’re inviting you to give in honor of your father or grandfather to the programs at AIM that protect, rescue, and restore kids who have been impacted by sex trafficking. You can do this in one of two ways:

Give Online

It’s easy to make an online gift and let your dad know that you gave in his honor. You can also give in memory of a father or grandfather. When you make an online donation, you will have the option to send an email or e-card to anyone you choose to share why you gave.

Start a Fundraiser

Sibling group gifts got you scratching your head? Start your own fundraiser page! You can multiply your impact by asking family to help you reach a goal or encouraging your friends to give in honor of their dads. Each person that joins your fundraiser can send a custom message to whomever they are giving in honor of. Follow three easy steps!


Ready to get started? It’s quick and simple.

Step 1) Start a Fundraiser & fill out the info

Step 2) Download photos below to use for the fundraiser

Step 3) Share on Facebook, and send an E-card!

For detailed instructions on how to set up a fundraiser, CLICK HERE


Here are some images you can use to create and share
your own fundraiser!

Campaign Image – Upload this one when you select a theme for your fundraiser.

Social Media – Share these on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social network to spread the word and invite people to participate.

E-Card – Write your own email to your dad to share your campaign or about your gift to let him know how he’s inspired you to protect and love kids, too.

On behalf of all the kids that are part of AIM’s programs, we thank you for supporting us in protecting, rescuing, and restoring them from the evil that is sex trafficking. Happy Father’s Day!

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