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Church Planting

Moses and Samantha Seth escaped from a death camp under the regime of the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot and eventually came to the United States. In 1989, they founded Agape International Missions and began to return to their native country to restore hope to the devastated people of Cambodia through the Christian church.

Through their efforts, AIM has established a network of over 1000 village churches that equip villagers to recognize, report and prevent child sex trafficking. Here, entire communities are being changed through Jesus. In addition, AIM is eliminating some of the motivations for child sex trafficking by providing:

Humanitarian Aid – Food, mosquito nets, medical and dental care, clothing, blankets, and more.

Community Development – Village wells, ponds and roads

Leadership Training – For village pastors and community leaders

Disaster Relief – Home reconstruction, emergency food supplies

Education – English lessons, books, classroom equipment, financial support for teachers, sex trafficking awareness

Daily Radio Broadcasts – Reaching 65% of the country with the message of hope through Christ and teaching important information on trafficking awareness.

Every bag of rice and mosquito net given, every illness treated can prevent a girl from being sold as some families will sell their daughters to meet the basic needs of life. Education and awareness efforts combat the cultural norm that devalues women and children. Through these services and efforts, the church is bringing hope to the people and country of Cambodia, hope to today, hope for the future.