Sokha’s Survivor Story

One Survivor’s Story of Restoration

One of the biggest blessings we’ve had in 2016 has been opening the brand new AIM Restoration Home (ARH)! This new home will be a safe haven and a place of refuge where these survivors, these rescued girls, will be shown the love of Christ, cared for, and protected while they start their paths to new lives of freedom.

One of the many young ladies who’ve lived in AIM Restoration Home is Sokha. After being sold at the age of 7 and trafficked and abused for 5 years, Sokha was rescued and brought to ARH. She asked us to share her story with you in this video (see above or click HERE).

One of the most amazing things about Sokha’s story is when she shared, “They didn’t even see my face or know my name when I needed them most, but they still helped me. I want to inspire people to help other girls.”

“They” are people like you – our faithful donors who give to make our programs possible. Sokha’s story, and the new AIM Restoration Home that will help so many more girls like her, would not be possible without partners like you.

Before 2016 comes to an end, consider donating to AIM to cover a rescued girl’s time at AIM Restoration Home.


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