BREAKING: AIM Featured on ABC Nightline

We’re thrilled to share that ABC Nightline is doing a special profile on AIM tonight! Expected airing is 12:35am. Check local listings for more information. This special profile on sex trafficking in Cambodia follows Sokha from the US back to Cambodia (see Sokha’s survivor story HERE if you haven’t already!). Witness Sokha’s reunion with her family, go on an undercover raid and see firsthand what trafficking […]

AIM Monthly Update | June 2016

This spring has been full of new life, growth and encouragement. So full, in fact, that The AIM Monthly has become somewhat of a mini AIM Quarterly this time around! This edition features history-making raid news, AIM Family Gathering highlights and a brief glance at AIM’s first-ever All Staff Conference. Enjoy the Spring Recap and […]

June 2016 Prayer Updates

“Hear me, Lord, my plea is just; listen to my cry. Hear my prayer – it does not rise from deceitful lips.” – Psalm 17:1 God is working in Cambodia and He’s moving His people to do mighty things! This June, history was made with the first virgin trade case in Cambodia in several years, we witnessed a girl’s […]

BREAKING: 1st Successful Virgin Sale Case in Cambodia in Years

FROM THE AIM RESCUE TEAM DIRECTOR: At 4pm on Monday the 23rd May, a Khmer woman was arrested on suspicion of trying to sell 2 girls for their virginities and an additional 2 school girls for sex following an operation authorized by the Phnom Penh Prosecutor. This followed a 2-week investigation conducted by the Phnom […]


FROM THE AIM RESCUE TEAM DIRECTOR: During the evening of Friday, the 26th of February, the Phnom Penh Department of the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police Department (AHTJP) together with the AIM Rescue Team executed a raid of a brothel fronting as a massage parlor in central Phnom Penh. The raid followed a joint AIM […]

Human Trafficking Awareness Month Part 3

The Virgin Trade in Cambodia Did you know that the virgin trade is on the upswing in Cambodia? There’s no such thing as a fair fight against those who would exploit innocence. Now is the time to fight back. [video_embed]<iframe width=”360″ height=”202.5″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>[/video_embed] This Human Trafficking Awareness Month you can help by spreading awareness to […]

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