ABC Nightline Special Highlights Sokha and AIM

 Nightline Was a Success!


ABC Nightline informed us that Sokha’s survivor story exceeded any response they’ve ever had. The special won the ratings for that night! Thank you for staying up late and taking the time to watch and share Sokha’s survivor story. This piece has already reached over 1.3 million viewers, which will lead to an even greater impact in Cambodia.

 This is exciting because it helps spread the immense need in the fight against trafficking to over a million people and it has the potential to increase our impact in Cambodia.

Sokha is dear to us, and we’re so proud of her. She, like many survivors who’ve gone through our counseling program at the AIM Restoration Home, has become a powerful messenger for the millions still awaiting rescue. She’s strong and brave and she is a picture of why we do what we do. We’re honored to have her in the AIM Family… and did we mention we’re proud? Watch her story, share it and help us end this evil.

Part 1

Sokha Chan says she was just 7 when she was sold for sex, and a former pastor and his wife have made it their mission to rescue girls like her in this ABC Nightline feature.

ABC Nightline Feature – Part 2

Sokha Chan goes back to her native village in Cambodia, where the AIM SWAT Team raids brothels and rescues girls.

“I want to share my story because I want the people who helped me to know they made a difference. They didn’t even see my face or know my name when I needed them the most, but they still helped me! I want to inspire people to help other girls.”

– Sokha Chan

(Click here to see the full article on ABC)

How can you help?

1) Learn about the issue and spread the word by sharing this story

2) PrayWe give credit of all AIM’s success to God as He empowers us to do this work. There’s a lot more to be done, and we covet your prayers.

3) GiveOur Prevention, Rescue and Restoration programs are 100% funded by donations so when you give, it increases the impact we have.

4) Shop.  Reintegrated survivors are trained and given jobs. You can support them and help us hire more women by purchasing their handmade goods.

5) Volunteer your time or your skill. We all have something to contribute, and with your help, we can do more.

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