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What is sex trafficking?

Sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery that exists throughout the world. Sex traffickers use tactics like violence, threats, lies, debt bondage and other forms of coercion to compel adults and children to engage in commercial sex acts against their will. In Cambodia, on a daily basis, we witness firsthand that sex trafficking of adults and children is prolific – sometimes in very obvious and visible ways, but more often as part of a dark, underground economy.

Wait, what does AIM do?

A LOT! Defeating a complex, decentralized problem like sex trafficking takes a complex strategy. Our programs PREVENT sex trafficking, and work to RESCUE, RESTORE and REINTEGRATE survivors of this horrible crime. The fight against sex trafficking in Cambodia is far from over. You can view a complete list of our programs and learn more about our holistic approach on our What We Do page. In addition, you can read our latest updates and news by subscribing to our newsletter.

What is your greatest current need?

Over the last few years, AIM’s programs have grown tremendously to address the ever-changing, complex issue of sex trafficking. For example, our AIM SWAT Team was added in April 2014 to begin conducting raids on brothels. This team is a result of multiplied instances of underground child trafficking in our community. Our greatest current need is for recurring monthly donors who commit to supporting our work and programs like these year-round. When you donate to AIM, over $0.89 of every dollar is sent directly to our programs in Cambodia. Click here to become a monthly donor today.

Do you conduct raids on brothels?

Yes. In 2014, we launched the AIM SWAT Team as part of our holistic approach in waging the war on sex trafficking.

The mission of AIM SWAT Team is to address human trafficking and sexual violence in Cambodia by working with police to collect evidence, investigate crimes, arrest perpetrators and rescue victims from situations of violence and exploitation. Once rescued, the victims are provided comprehensive care at the AIM Restoration Home (ARH) and their cases are handled by AIM’s legal team throughout the trial. Though the majority of raids include cases of sex trafficking and sexual assault, the team also works on others involving labor trafficking and even organ trafficking. Learn more about AIM SWAT Team.

Do you force religion on rescued girls?

As a Christian organization, we believe Jesus offers freedom. Therefore, it goes against everything we believe to force anyone, especially a rescued and hurting child, to adhere to any religious system. Our programs teach about the Jesus who loves us, saves us, heals us and changes us. Because of this, many girls choose a relationship with Jesus and the freedom He offers. However, AIM offers help to people of every religion and even supports the religious choices that are not for Christianity.

Can I speak to your counselors?

Our counseling staff is native to the country they work in. AIM Restoration Home (ARH) is staffed by professional, hard-working, incredibly caring Cambodians who speak the local language and work hands-on with the girls. If you have specific questions about our counseling program, please contact us.

How to Get Involved

How can I help fight sex trafficking?

Sex trafficking is a global problem, and AIM offers a number of ways that you can help both in your community and in Cambodia. First, ask yourself what time, talent and resources you want to give to the war on child sex trafficking. Next, visit our Get Involved page, where you’ll find links to educational resources, volunteer opportunities, places to shop for AIM products and ways to support our work through prayer and financial gifts.

Above all, stay tenacious and never give up. The war is real and you’re an important part of it!

Can I go on a mission trip?

AIM doesn’t organize mission trips, but we do host short-term teams. This is primarily because we focus our efforts on AIM programs versus event and team organization. If you’re a church or other organization and you’d like to put together a team to serve alongside AIM in Cambodia, please get started by filling out our Short-Term Mission Application Form.

Can someone from AIM come speak at my church or organization?

Yes! AIM loves to educate people on the problem of sex trafficking and our working solutions. We also love sharing stories of changed lives and footage of our programs. We’re based near Sacramento, California, but plan special events all over the United States. Please review our Speaking Engagement Terms and contact us to start the conversation.

Financial Transparency

If I donate to AIM, how much goes toward programs in Cambodia?

When you give to AIM, 88.46% of our total revenue goes directly to programs on the ground, 7.59% goes to fundraising, and 3.95% goes toward management and administrative expenses. This data was taken from our 2018 Audited Financials.

Is AIM certified by any independent charity evaluators or watchdogs?

Yes, AIM is proud to be rated by Charity Navigator, the largest independent charity evaluator in the United States. We have been given the highest rating of 4 out of 4 stars since 2014, as well as a score of 98.23/100 for financial management and 100/100 for transparency and accountability. You can view our complete rating details on the Charity Navigator website.

Does AIM have an Annual Report?

Yes, we do! Click to view our most recent Annual Report.

Where can I find a copy of AIM’s most recent Tax Returns?

Click to view our tax returns (Form 990) from 2019, 2018, 2017, & 2016.

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