AIM Family Gathering Update

We’re SO Close! Help AIM Rescue & Restore an Additional 10 Girls This Year!

Over the course of two nights at our 3rd Annual AIM Family Gathering in May we raised almost $95,000 toward our $100,000 goal to RESCUE and RESTORE an additional 10 girls this year. We’re so close to bringing freedom to many!

Will you help us reach our $100,000 goal?

NEW AIM Restoration Home Revealed!

For those of you who couldn’t make it to this year’s AIM Family Gathering, one of the most exciting updates we were able to share was a first look of the new AIM Restoration Home! Last year’s event was focused completely on raising $150,000 to cover costs for the first 2 months at the new ARH, and the AIM Family did it!

This beautiful new 3-story building opened in November and is now a home to many rescued girls. It’s a place where rescued girls will be welcomed to receive care for their physical, psychosocial, educational, vocational, and spiritual needs. The new home gives us much more space, and more rooms than ever to care for those who need healing and a safe place to recover from the trauma of sex trafficking. Check out a preview of it below:

Thank you so much to those of you who contributed to the new AIM Restoration Home last year! Please consider contributing to help us reach this year’s goal as well.

Just this month, the AIM SWAT Team performed 4 more raids, rescuing 11 victims and arresting 9 traffickers! Each of those beautiful survivors is now being cared for through AIM’s programs.

Give to our AIM Family Gathering goal and help us provide the care and restoration these girls need to live full and healthy lives.

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