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AIM SWAT Celebrates 3 Years & 50 Raids

Hope Blooms in the Ugly History of Svay Pak


The need to form a SWAT team grew as all patience ran out. The challenge and heartache of waiting for the government to intervene, which rarely happened, while so many innocent women and children were enduring unimaginable abuse was beyond what we were willing to bear. As countless brothel owners and pedophiles walked freely, we were working on our own solution.

Then, in March 2014, the AIM SWAT Team officially came into existence, started kicking in brothel doors and began rescuing children, women and men. 3 years, 50 raids and 713 rescues later, the AIM SWAT Team is gaining traction, saving lives and holding abusers responsible for their actions.


We Are Continuing the Fight for Freedom


Our path from raid to final conviction isn’t a short or easy process. While a lot of work and organization goes into successful raids, much of the work happens after the dust settles. Once the survivors are safe, and the accused are in jail, we prepare for trial, which can last between 6-24 months depending on the complexity of the case. Four attorneys are involved in every case as Cambodia law requires an additional attorney for the victim and the accused. Some cases require as many as 3  judges.

Our AIM lawyers are incredibly talented and are key to the success of putting these perpetrators behind bars. Together with the AIM SWAT Team, they’re able to present all needed evidence so those responsible for the abuse are unable to continue this evil.

The AIM SWAT Team is fully supported by donors like you. Please consider making a donation to further their work and the fight for freedom!

(Watch the AIM SWAT Team in action on the ABC Nightline special)

For more information about AIM SWAT Team and the work they do, click HERE.

*There were several successful raids last week that were not yet added to the 713 rescued number

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