6 Minors Rescued at KTV Restaurant Raid in Siem Reap

For the last month, the Siem Reap Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJPP) and AIM SWAT Officers have been conducting an investigation on a KTV Restaurant after receiving information that young girls were being sold there.

At around 6:30 PM on Monday, February 12th, the Siem Reap AHTJP Police supported by AIM SWAT Officers executed a raid at the location, which is in the north of Siem Reap province. Because of the nature of the information we had received, AIM aftercare staff was also present for the raid.

AIM SWAT Team January Raid Reports

A raid was conducted at a brothel fronting as a massage parlor in Phnom Penh by the Municipal Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJP Police) supported by AIM SWAT Officers.  The raid was the culmination of a covert operation acting on information that young girls were being sold for sex at the premise.

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In 2010, President Barack Obama designated January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Now, it is often referred to as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. The International Labor Organization estimates that there were 20.9 million people trafficked for forced labor in 2012, and 4.5 million of those were victims of [...]

AIM SWAT Ended 2017 by Rescuing 12

The AIM SWAT Team finished the year with a two big raids that rescued a total of 12 victims. We are incredibly thankful for their hard work throughout the holiday season when tourist activity spikes in Cambodia. We also praise God for each life rescued and the freedom they now get to experience in the new year.

AIM SWAT Arrests Fishing Boat Labor Trafficker

13 men trafficked for labor escaped from a fishing boat leading to the arrest of their trafficker. The men were forced to work 24 hours per day under horrendous conditions. These men received little pay and frequent beatings by the owner and captain of the boat, but all returned home safely.

AIM SWAT Arrests 3 for Trafficking Men to Malaysia

Several men who had been trafficked to Malaysia managed to escape and return to Cambodia with help from the Cambodian Embassy. AIM SWAT was asked by Phnom Penh Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJPP) to assist with the investigation, which resulted in the arrest of the three responsible for trafficking them.

AIM SWAT Arrests 2 China Bride Traffickers in an Eastern Cambodia Province

Anti-Human Trafficking Protection (AHTJP) Police, along with AIM SWAT Officers swooped in to arrest 2 women suspected of trafficking young Cambodian women to China for marriage. The two survivors are currently receiving aftercare services and our AIM SWAT Legal Team is representing them throughout the legal process.

Tip-off Leads to Rescue of Minor and Arrest of 3 Traffickers

Our latest AIM SWAT raid stemmed from a case where a 15 year old girl was rescued from a brothel by AHTJP and AIM SWAT earlier this year. She reported to AIM social workers that she had been sold for her virginity during the previous year and was now concerned her 13 year old sister would fall prey to the traffickers and also be sold.

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