Dary Sean Chan: A Lifestyle of Prevention

One of the greatest miracles we witness at AIM is the complete conversion of hearts and lives in the Svay Pak community. Many traffickers, drug dealers, gang members, and sex workers have come to know Jesus, turned their lives around completely, and joined AIM in the work of fighting trafficking.

This is prevention in its most powerful form.

Dary Sean Chan is someone who lives a lifestyle of prevention and has brought hundreds of people into contact with AIM. Her story is one that exemplifies the multiplying impact that one person can have when they’re called by God to fight trafficking.

Dary was a bright and curious young girl when she joined the first-ever English class taught by Don Brewster. As she became more involved and got to know Pastor Chantha and Ratanak, she became curious about Jesus and the work that AIM was doing.

“I saw the love in their eyes,” Dary shares about the AIM Staff. “I asked ‘Why do you teach the kids but you don’t ask for money? You give them snacks, and hug them, and play with them, but other foreigners don’t do this!’”

But Dary was still resisting God’s call on her life. It was only after being crushed by a memory of rape from her childhood that she realized Jesus was calling her to a life of service and prevention of sex trafficking. She didn’t want ANY child to experience that pain that she had discovered in her heart.

Dary began working with Kids’ Club and invited as many children as she could to join. She was responsible for the program’s explosive growth, and many children also started coming to Church and accepting Jesus into their lives. In everything she did, Dary showed genuine love to the children who were being exploited, as well as to those who were exploiting their daughters and sisters.

As anyone who was around in the early days of AIM will tell you, she was a model to the community. Many dream of being as impactful as Dary has been, because Svay Pak is now full of people who fight trafficking and work to prevent exploitation because they met her.

In fact, at least 20 young disciples at Rahab’s House Church give credit to her for their salvation, and are now actively participating in AIM’s Prevention programs in various ways. As one young lady, Kim Lang shared with us recently, “What inspired and motivated me to work in ministry is because I consider Dary to be an example, so I will try to learn to teach like her.”

Prevention is not just a program, strategy, or model for Dary… it is a lifestyle.

What inspired and motivated me to work in ministry is because I consider Dary to be an example, so I will try to learn to teach like her.

Kim Lang, Young Disciple at Rahab's House Church

If you’re inspired by Dary’s story, we invite you to join in AIM’s efforts to prevent the cost of exploitation and trafficking. Here are ways you can get involved:



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