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Join The Village, our monthly donor community that is bringing freedom to the exploited in Cambodia. Thanks to our dedicated donors, we have seen transformation in Cambodia, but to make freedom a reality for thousands more still trapped in exploitation, we need your commitment.


Over 88% of your donation goes directly to our programs that work to prevent sex trafficking, rescue girls who are trapped in exploitation, restore survivors, and reintegrate them into healthy independent lives.

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“Prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan.” ~ John Bunyan

At AIM, we believe the power of prayer is not in those who pray but in the One who hears our prayers and answers them. There’s both strength and humility in talking to the God of the Universe as we pour out our hearts for His people in His land.

Ongoing Prayer Requests:

  • Urgency – Join us in praying for a continued sense of urgency in the fight against sex trafficking. Every day, every hour and every minute feels like an eternity for each girl and each woman awaiting rescue. Join us in praying for multiplied urgency to end the injustice that is sex trafficking.
  • Awareness – In addition to urgency, we pray that people would continue to be moved to raise awareness and do what they can in this fight. No act is too small; no donation is too little. Every person matters in this fight!
  • Protection – Opposition to our work in Cambodia is often strong, and always ugly. Whether it’s from an angry brothel owner, a trafficker who has lost profits or a family member who wants to maintain income from a trafficked girl, we daily face resistance to the work God is doing. Join us in praying for protection over our programs, rescued girls, residents at our transitional homes and the many staff members who work faithfully to keep our mission going.
  • Rahab’s House Church – Pray for the ongoing work of Rahab’s House Church in the community of Svay Pak. Pray for resources to meet needs and strength of numbers and health to fulfill the call that’s been placed upon them. May they continue to shine God’s light into the darkness.


With our easy, online fundraising tool, you can help raise money to fight sex trafficking! Start a campaign for your birthday, a 5k run, or just about any event you can think of and invite family and friends to participate to support AIM’s programs.

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Serve on a Team

At AIM, we believe that Christ through His Church will defeat the evil of sex trafficking. We invite you, the Church, to join us in this fight! Short-term teams are a great step to seeing AIM’s ministries firsthand and witnessing Jesus’ transformational and healing power.

Learn more about organizing a short-term trip with your group or church HERE.


AIM partners and organizations that are interested in possibly partnering with AIM can request a tour to see our programs firsthand. We believe that once you see the amazing work that God is doing in and through AIM’s programs in Cambodia, you’ll want to partner with us to see it continue.

Request a tour by filling out our Tour Application and a member of our staff will contact you soon.


Agape International Missions has an incredible team of staff members and volunteers who faithfully carry out our mission, day in and day out. Fill out this form to volunteer with AIM.

Looking to work in Cambodia? Find our open positions and how to apply HERE.

For Churches

As the body of Christ, we are called to bring freedom to the enslaved. There are many ways for Churches to get involved with AIM including serving on the ground on a mission, supporting our anti-trafficking projects financially, and raising awareness.

To get involved, visit our Church Involvement page

Shop AIM Products

Purchase items made by survivors of sex trafficking! AIM Shop carries clothing, accessories & more, all made by the young women at our AIM Employment Centers. New selections are added throughout the year, so check back often. Custom orders are available, too.

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