We're All On The Same Mission

When Don Brewster sat down to write AIM's mission statement, he didn’t just use his imagination... he didn't need to.

AIM’s mission is the same as God’s, which is expressed in His heart, His actions, and His word. Except for a few small differences, it is the same as of all the saints that came before us. From the moment Jesus sent out the disciples and empowered them through the Holy Spirit, the church has been on this mission.

Whether you work for AIM, a church, a bank, a school, or you’re a parent or something else – it doesn’t matter. If you are a Christian, you are on God’s mission.

As we sit here or go about our day, we are united with our brothers and sisters all over the world in this. Because it’s not AIM’s mission, its God’s mission. And that should make you smile and give you perspective, and hopefully encourages you. I know it does for me.

Take a look at the following scriptures and themes below…

Now, let’s read the AIM Mission Statement…

To rescue, restore and reintegrate survivors of sex trafficking through Christ’s love and Gospel. To prevent sexual slavery by planting and equipping the Church to do the same in vulnerable and exploited communities worldwide.

Through Jesus, God came to rescue us. Through His sacrifice we can be restored, and through His blood we can be reintegrated back into God’s family.

Together for His glory,

Brandon Butler
AIM Expat Staff Care Coordinator

Brandon Butler at the 2019 AIM Staff Conference


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