Two Brothels CLOSED – 5 Minors and Adults Rescued

Two neighboring brothels that were fronting as massage parlors in Phnom Penh were raided by AIM SWAT and local police last month on October 28th. After we learned that young Vietnamese girls were being sold for sex at each location, our team launched a covert surveillance operation that lasted several weeks.

During the raids, 5 victims were rescued, including 2 confirmed minors, along with another suspected minor and 2 adult women.

Our team also arrested 2 Vietnamese suspects at the scene and, after searching the premises for evidence against the suspects, both brothels were shut down by local authorities.

The survivors confirmed that they were being sold for sex to the profit of the suspects, who were then charged with child sex trafficking-related offenses and are awaiting trial from prison.

The minors have all moved into our Restoration Home to receive care and counseling, and the adult women have been transferred to the local Government Social Affairs office. The AIM SWAT Legal Team will represent the minors involved in this case throughout the coming court proceedings.

We have no tolerance for those who travel around the world to sexually abuse children. Help us ensure the safety of these children with your best gift today.


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