3 Possible Minors and 5 Women Rescued

On May 9th, AIM SWAT and local police officers raided a brothel and rescued 3 suspected minors and 5 women that were being sold for sex to the profit of the brothel managers following a 3-week investigation of a massage parlor in Siem Reap.

After conducting the search for and seizure of evidence, local authorities officially closed the establishment. One suspect was detained during the raid and is assisting the police in the ongoing investigation to identify the other offenders in this case.

Two of the suspected minors have been transferred to our Restoration Home, and the other is now at a partner aftercare facility. The adult women are receiving aftercare services at the local Government District Social Affairs Office.

There is hope...

In 2006, we helped rescue a 9-year-old girl from an American pedophile. After four years in our Restoration Home, she moved to the US to testify against her abuser.

She is now fighting trafficking and empowering other survivors with AIM, proving that restoration is possible. Watch her powerful story here.



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