Peer to Peer Fundraising

Create Your Own Fundraiser for AIM!

Now you can help raise money to fight sex trafficking!

We’re excited to announce a new tool that will enable YOU, our amazing supporters, to support the work of Agape International Missions by involving your friends, family and extended network. AIM is launching an all-new Peer-to-Peer Fundraising tool. With it, you can turn any event into an opportunity to share your passion for ending sex trafficking and invite others to join in and contribute to your cause.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a 5k run, participating in a bowling event or remembering the life of a loved one who has passed, you can create a fundraiser quickly and easily that tells your story and gives information about what AIM does and how contributions will help end sex trafficking. Our system will create a campaign page for you that’s easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, by email, or however you choose. It will even show a progress bar to help you reach whatever goal you set.

Here are some ideas for how you can use our new Fundraising tool:

  • Celebrate your birthday by asking for donations to AIM instead of gifts.
  • Host a freedom dinner with your friends and raise money for AIM
  • Set up an event involving your favorite sport or physical activity. For example, you could bike 1 mile for every $10 that’s donated.
  • Remember a loved one by asking for contributions to our cause as a legacy gift.
  • Help fund an AIM SWAT Team Raid by competing with a friend to see who can reach $1,000 first.

What Can Your Money Do?


In Cambodia, even a little money can do a lot to defeat child sex trafficking! Here are some examples:

  • $50 = Can support an at-risk child at AIM School
  • $100 = Can provide care for a child in need of emergency services
  • $250 = Can provide job training for a survivor
  • $500 = Can provide holistic care for a survivor
  • $1,000 = Can rescue a young woman from trafficking

Ready to Get Started?

CLICK HERE TO SETUP A NEW FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN, then follow the instructions found below.

Step 1 – Choose a Theme

The first step in creating a fundraising campaign for AIM is to select your theme. You can raise money

for AIM for a variety of reasons and in many different ways.

Choose Special Occasion at the top to raise money for AIM for your birthday, wedding, in memory of a

loved one, or other event.

Choose Challenge/Race if you’re running, cycling, swimming, or doing some other challenge to raise


Don’t worry, you can change these images later if you choose.

Step 2 – Choose a Type of Campaign

Select Individual if you are the only person raising money; for example, for your birthday.

Multi-Participant is the option to choose if you are raising money with others; for example: a team of

runners each raising money for AIM.

Select Team Competition if you want to compete as different members of a team, or if you have

multiple teams competing against each other to raise money for AIM.

Step 3 – General Info

Give your campaign a title (this will be publicly visible) and decide whether to fill out the other

information on the page. You can leave these fields blank if your event does not have a physical location,

date, or time.

Step 4 – Details

Here’s where you can upload your own custom Campaign Image if you want. Please use JPEG, PNG, of GIF

format, smaller than 10 MB. The recommended image side is at least 640 x 480 pixels, with a 4:3 aspect

ratio. Don’t know what any of that means? No problem! The stock image you saw at the beginning will

make your campaign look nice.

Write a Description of why you’re raising money for AIM and what the occasion is. This will be publicly

visible on your campaign page for your supporters to read when you invite them to give.

If you chose to include a Video URL from YouTube or Vimeo, please note that your custom image will

not appear on your page. The system allows for only one image OR video, but not both to display at the

same time.

Step 5 – Optional Settings

This page offers a lot of fun options to enhance your campaign. If you want to set a Fundraising Goal,

you can enter the amount here and a progress bar will be visible on your campaign page. You can also

set a Start and/or End Date, which is appropriate if you’re raising money for your Birthday or an event

like a 5k Run that happens on a certain day.

If you want a Custom Progress Bar for things like the number of miles you’ve run or cycled, the number

of socks you’re knitting, or the number of baskets you’re shooting (whatever it may be!) to raise money

for AIM, you can set that up here.

Most of our supporters can leave the Donor Waiver fields blank, but feel free to send us an email if you

think your campaign might need one.

Step 6 – Donor Rewards

This is where you can enter any kind of reward you’re giving for a donation you receive to your

campaign… like those nicely knitted socks you’re making at home (for example). Most of our supporters

will simply select None for this page.

Step 7 – Finish

To launch your campaign, you will have to create a login to our giving system. Enter your email and a

password, or connect using Facebook, whatever works best for you!

Your campaign will be reviewed by a member of AIM’s staff. Once it is approved, you will get an email

and can start promoting your campaign to your friends and family! Please 24-48 hours for approval of campaigns.

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