Our Holistic Approach

Defeating a complex, decentralized problem like child sex trafficking requires a holistic strategy that involves survivors, law enforcement and the community. Our programs PREVENT sex trafficking, and work to RESCUE, RESTORE and REINTEGRATE survivors of this horrible crime. Through this approach, AIM is committed to lifelong and community-wide transformation that is effective and lasting.

Each program has evolved out of a need we saw while working on the ground in Cambodia, and each program contributes to the success of the others. Read more about each of our programs and how we Prevent, Rescue, Restore, and Reintegrate below.


Preventing child sex trafficking starts by confronting the demand for trafficking and addressing the needs of the children in our community. This includes working to keep these kids out of the hands of pedophiles, pimps and traffickers who perpetrate and perpetuate the industry. If it’s acceptable to sell your child, or to buy a girl for a night, the cycle will never end.

Humanitarian aid, education and the transformative power of Jesus Christ are changing the communities that allow, or participate in, child sex trafficking. AIM serves children and families in many ways through our community church, AIM School and the AIM Medical Clinic. We also minister to potential traffickers with the goal of transforming them into abolitionists in their community.

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The Agape International Missions SWAT Team has been granted unique permission by the Cambodian government to conduct investigations, perform raids, make arrests, and rescue victims of trafficking alongside Cambodian law enforcement. No other organization has been given so much freedom and trust, and we make as much of it as we can! In addition, we’ve assisted in the rescue and repatriation of survivors from 9 different countries. See the map of our rescues here.

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The women and girls who’ve been sold, abused, held captive and devastated by sex trafficking need more than a one-night raid and one day of healthcare. Our restoration programs provide survivors with love, hope, healing and the tools for a brand new life that will last a lifetime. Survivors stay in our Restoration home for as long as they need, and our loving team of social workers follow up with these women for the rest of their lives.

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We ensure survivors feel valued, loved, and are placed in a strong community with a sustainable job. Once they’re ready to start their new life of freedom, they need to be equipped to survive in a world where some would still like to victimize them. This means training them with marketable skills that will enable them to work in healthy jobs, and in many cases, providing them with employment opportunities.

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Sex trafficking is a multifaceted, complex problem that cannot be solved in one step, one program or one year. That’s why, since 2005, Agape International Missions has been innovating on the battlefield.

AIM’s programs fight trafficking, restore victims and transform communities through prevention, rescue, restoration and reintegration, making a holistic and successful strategy in the ground war on child sex trafficking.

In addition to our strategy, our reliance on Jesus Christ and partnership with His Church and His people have been the hammer breaking through impossible obstacles. Daily, we see miracles taking place before our eyes.

Fight Trafficking

Pedophiles. Pimps. Traffickers. These people perpetrate and perpetuate the industry of child sex trafficking, taking advantage of the vulnerable and profiting off of the innocent. Whether because of poverty, greed, pain or perversion, these people are the start of the vicious cycle. Reaching them is crucial in defeating child sex trafficking.

AIM SWAT Team (AIM Rescue Team)

Collecting and acting on intel about trafficking operations and working with Cambodian law enforcement to bring criminals to justice and victims to restoration.

Lord’s Gym

Reaching local pimps and traffickers through relationship.

Anti-Trafficking Training Workshop

This curriculum developed by Clayton & Emily Butler will move you from awareness to action; equipping you to fight trafficking right where you live. 

Restore Victims

Girls. Women. Orphans. The innocent who have been devastated in brothels need more than one night raid and one day of healthcare. To be truly rescued, they need solutions for a brand new life that will last a lifetime.

AIM Restoration Home (ARH)

This beautiful center welcomes broken girls into a safe environment, loving relationships and a healing program.

AIM Employment Center (AEC)

Where vocation meets rehabilitation, this garment factory gives graduates of ARH the skills they need to build an independent life.

AIM Transitional Home

These safe residences offer a place where young women can transition from brothels or unsafe living situations to independence.

3 Strands Shop

Our first Cambodian retail store distributes the goods created at AIM Employment Center and aids in the stability of reintegration.


Transform Communities

If it is acceptable to sell your child and to buy a girl for a night, the cycle will never end. Humanitarian aid, education and the transformative power of Jesus are changing the communities that allow or participate in child sex trafficking.

Rahab’s House

Community Centers in cities known as epicenters of trafficking offer education and aid, giving hope to those who think trafficking is their only option. Our centers serve communities through:

Church Planting

Headed by Dr. Moses Samol Seth, AIM has planted over 1000 churches in Cambodia, creating a network of prevention. Here, entire communities are being changed through relationship with Jesus.

Siem Reap Ministries

Holistic community transformation through AIM’s Siem Reap employment center, transitional home, outreach salon and community center.


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