Many sex trafficking survivors stay in our restoration programs with us for years. Once they’re ready to start a new life, they need to be equipped to survive in a world where some would still like to victimize them. This means training them with marketable skills that will enable them to work in healthy jobs, and in some cases, providing them with employment opportunities. We also stay in touch with the reintegrated girls and women indefinitely, ensuring that we’re there to support, encourage and help them whenever they need it, wherever their new lives lead them.

AIM Employment Center (AEC)

The AIM Employment Center (AEC) is an exciting program that offers rescued young women a career and a new life! After being rescued from sex trafficking and given time and support to recover, AEC equips women with the skills needed to gain employment and build a stable life.
In addition to giving restored young women a job, AIM Employment Center can offer an immediate rescue to those still trapped in brothels with no opportunity for income, no way to care for children and pressure to raise money for family. They can walk into AEC and receive on-the-job training, childcare, healthcare, continuing academic education and counseling and be paid well above average.

Products from AIM Employment Center are sold by our partners at 3Strands, Hope Outfitters, and many other retailers throughout the United States. Products are also sold at the AIM Shop online and in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

AIM Shop

AIM Shop is AIM’s retail store in the busy capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This unique retail store is active in the fight against sex trafficking. Our products are unique; each item made by survivors. Each and every purchase, whether a purse, a piece of jewelry, or an article of clothing, provides sustainability in jobs and the continued opportunity of life transformation for these young women.

Where vocation meets rehabilitation, our employment center gives graduates the skills they need to build an independent life. Come visit us and leave your mark on the fight against trafficking!

Siem Reap Ministries

Siem Reap is AIM’s second big city of focus in the country of Cambodia. Children who are exploited in Svay Pak often end up trafficked north to Siem Reap, a destination for sex tourism. Entire buses of men from China and other countries will arrive and pick young women from the stages of karaoke bars (KTVs) or the streets. But there is hope for every girl, and AIM is committed to change in this city!

AIM’s Siem Reap outreach efforts work to assist women to leave situations of sexual exploitation by building relationships, introducing local residents to the Gospel and offering women opportunities for employment, vocational training, and safe housing.

We’ve also added another Rahab’s House Transitional Home location in Siem Reap. This ministry provides a safe place for young women who are leaving, or have been rescued from, the sex industry. Here, they receive healing, care and restoration until they’re ready to reintegrate into independent living.

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